Streaming Blues

by Manzo


An appeal directly to the listener to understand the cold hard reality facing independent musicians, who receive meagre rewards from streaming services, and the prospect of an album being 'swiped' from a listeners screen with the listener being totally unaware of the time, effort, heart, soul, and musicianship that goes into a recording.


A hundred and sixty thousand plays to earn a measly buck
Apple and Spotify can l go and get fucked
Never in it for riches just having me some fun
But it’s profit instead of music to be number one
We give our heart and soul to bring our tracks to you
Another on your playlist you don’t care who
It’s not for me to tell you what you oughta do
But do me a favour and play my album through
I stumble and I fumble to write myself a song
The pro’s they may frown and say I’m doing it all wrong
McCartney can’t read music I’m much the same
But I’m doing it for love
I don’t depend on fame

I’m one of millions trying to catch your eye
It’s hard to make a living so why do I try?
I’m doing it for love, having me some fun
But one day who knows I maybe number one
So when you buy my record a request from me to you
Don’t swipe the tracks just play the album through


released August 2, 2019
Vocals: Andrea Coulston


all rights reserved



Manzo Paraparaumu, New Zealand

'Manzo' is the musical alias of songwriter and producer Alan Hodgetts from Kapiti, New Zealand. Manzo has released 3 albums, an EP and 11 singles and is currently recording a new 4 track EP.

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